Challenges are Just
Mindset is

"Sandra has helped inspire me through this health journey.  Through her many health challenges and to have overcome them with grace, dignity & strength gives me the mindset that this is possible for me also.  Sandra kept encouraging me through the different phases whether it be stress related weight gain, injuries that prevented me from doing a particular BOD plan and to try other exercise plans. I have found one that I am growing to love.  Thank you for your love of health, support, encouragement and many words of knowledge.  This is truly a marathon not a sprint." - Tracy

"Sandra's guidance as been instrumental in my transition into healthier eating habits. She's been remarkably patient with my ups and downs on this journey I never intentionally planned on before. She talked me into it and I'm glad she did. It hasn't been easy, but she helps make the steps more achievable even when withdrawal from certain "normalities" kicks in. Thank you, Sandra!" - Marie