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Sandra is enthusiastic and optimistic for all that life has to offer. She is married to a very supportive and loving husband who is an artist with wood in the Home building business.  They love to spend time with their son, daughter-in-law, extended families and 2 cats.  They also enjoy traveling, hiking, ice fishing and snowshoeing.  Sandra has a big heart that cares about PEOPLE and is helping people become healthier through nutrition and fitness coaching.  However, she has SO much more to offer than just a set of rules.  

Sandra has a diverse background which has taught her much about hard work and serving others.  She was raised on a dairy farm with horses as the means to get things done.  She has degrees in Travel and Tourism as well as Music Performance with her primary instruments being piano, flute and organ.  She is also Nationally Certified as a Music Teacher of Piano and Flute and is Certified in TWO different Nutritional Programs.  She has been a Nutrition/Fitness Coach since 2017.  Through working on the farm, in hotels and for Princess Cruises, teaching private music lessons, leading nutrition/fitness challenges, consulting with clients, raising a child and serving in her church, she definitely knows the meaning of hard work and service. 

Overcoming Challenges are NO stranger to Sandra.  While she has overcome divorce, domestic abuse, asthma, allergies, pneumonia and bronchitis, her biggest challenges have come between 2009-2021.  During that time she underwent 12 surgeries and 13 medical procedures which included 3 back surgeries as a result of Degenerative Disk Disease, 5 knee surgeries on one knee (including both a partial and a total knee), 2 Spinal Stimulator implants, wisdom teeth extraction, foot surgery and thumb surgery.  2019 also required 4 weeks of bed rest.  Each back surgery required 3 months of wearing a corset and accepting help to do menial life tasks.  The 13 medical procedures were a result of a Nervous System Disease called CRPS.  Her Oct 2021 surgery was a replacement Spinal Stimulator surgery and 10 days later a car accident leading to an ongoing treatment of whip lash.  With all these surgeries and set backs, her go to used to be food and then yo-yo dieting. 

This all changed in 2017 as she learned the secrets of success.  When Sandra says that if she can do it, you can too, this just means that she understands how to help people get from point A to point B.  She KNOWS with all her heart that when struggles come your way, one doesn't just drop the health journey AND one doesn't just jump in feet first and do EVERYTHING!  Change is something that takes time.  Recovery and Strengthening takes time.  It is something that requires modifications at times.  Losing weight doesn't have a "magic pill".  All this requires a MINDSET change and a COACH.  These many trials have taught Sandra HOW to get her clients from point A to point B and then to the next steps if her clients are willing to submit to make changes one change at a time.

Please fill out the Contact form and Sandra is happy to contact you, find out your goals and desires, and help you reach your BEST self too!